Host Committee Welcome Pack

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Pre-event Meetings:

There will be a number of meetings on Thursday evening in the Hilton Hotel Dedham (25 Allied Drive, Dedham, MA 02026) — these will include:

  • 6pm-8pm: Registration of teams for the 9:00am games on Friday — this is optional, but advised, so that Friday morning can be stress-free for your team(s);
  • 8pm-8:30pm: Meeting of participating teams — any questions regarding logistics, games, or other issues, can be addressed during this meeting;

Regulations and Byelaws:

  • The USGAA Finals are under the control of the USGAA CCC, and subject to relevant Official Guides and USGAA Regulations and Byelaws — please see attached USGAA 2021 Regulations and Byelaws;
  • Disciplinary Process for USGAA Finals is outlined in Byelaw 20;
  • Please note that in “knock-out” games, Extra-time is mandatory, as outlined in Byelaw 15. Rules regarding Extra-time are available in GAA Official Guide Part II;

Please note that abusive behavior or language towards Match Officials or Event Volunteers will be severely dealt with, as outlined in Official Guides.

Team Sheets:

  • These will be available at the Registration Tent — please collect them prior to your game each day;
  • It will be assumed that the first 13 players listed are those that started the game;
  • Unless otherwise indicated, it will be assumed that the player is wearing the Jersey Number opposite their name on the Team Sheet;

Both of these above points are important, in the event of any subsequent Disciplinary matters;

  • Where applicable, please differentiate between Resident v Non-Resident Players, by marking either “N” or “NR”. If all players are Resident, please simply note that
  • In Men’s Football, where applicable, please also mark “H” beside Homegrown players.

Definitions of Resident, Non-Resident and Homegrown are in Regulation 1(ii)(a), on Page 4 of the 2021 USGAA Regulations.

Games Schedule & Brackets:

For latest schedule and brackets, go to the link located here. As you can see there are a lot of games to get through — it is imperative that all teams be ready to commence their game prior to the appointed Throw-in time.

It is also the teams’ responsibility to ensure they are at the fields on time, and if using the Shuttle Buses to take one at a time that allows for possible delays — no accommodations will be made for late-arriving teams.

Registration at the fields:

The Registration Tent will be open 1 hour before the first game on each day:  ie. 8:00am on Friday, and 7:30am on Saturday.

Match Officials:

Unless informed otherwise by USGAA, teams will be expected to provide 2 Umpire’s and a Linesperson for the game following theirs — please manage this process efficiently, by identifying your officials in advance. Obviously, if the same Division\club is playing back-to-back games on the same field, they will not be asked to officiate their own team — in which case it is likely that the opposing team in the preceding game will be asked to provide all 6 officials.

Penalties will be assessed on teams that do not fulfill their Match Official responsibilities.

Shield Competitions:

There will be Shield Competitions on Sunday, and as last year this will be on an opt-in basis. All teams wishing to participate in Sunday’s Shield Games are asked to notify USGAA by 5pm on Saturday:

Please send the request from your clubs official email account once you are knocked out, to ensure it receives attention and include “Shield” (spelt correctly) in the Subject Line.

If your chair or secretary aren’t with you – ensure you can get a hold of them to submit.

Shield schedule will be posted to the same webpage as the Tournament Brackets and Schedule. We will endeavor to have this ready for 6pm on Saturday evening.